Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety can be frequent worries, difficulties interacting with others, even fear or panic that your worst nightmare is coming true. Therapy for anxiety will involve identifying what are the things that cause you to worry and exposure therapy to help increase your tolerance to those distressing situations in order to live the life you desire with less worry and fear.

Anxiety can look and feel like...

-Racing and intrusive thoughts or excessive worry

-Increased heart rate, blushing, sweaty palms, fast paced breathing

-Fidget, bite or pick nails, lips, skin

-Difficulties with concentration and focus

-Feeling nervous around others or difficulties with being the center of attention

-Fear of judgement, being embarrassed, or humiliated 

-Insecurity and self-doubt 


-Problems with sleep 

-Inability to relax

Therapy for anxiety can help with...

-Confronting fears and underlying causes of distress

-Clarity in how you think, feel, and act

-Feeling more in control 

-Learning and practicing social skills

-Increased ability to use mindfulness and relaxation exercises

-Tools to tolerate stressful situations

-Ability to identify and practice self care

-Establish and maintain healthy boundaries

My approach for treatment of anxiety includes techniques from CBT, DBT, IFS, EFT, and EMDR. Click here to learn more.

We will identify what is causing your worries and work together in session to learn and practice tools of change. There may be times where you will be assigned homework to practice outside of session, this is intended to help you gain better insight and tolerance of your fears. 

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge. They are chaotic, sometimes painful, sometimes contradictory, but they come from deep within us.” – Audre Lorde

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