Therapy for Depression

Depression can have you feeling stuck, empty, alone, tired, and more. It can cause you to withdraw from others, have negative thoughts, and zero motivation to do anything or even get out of bed. Therapy will be a supportive space where we will work together to identify the root cause of what’s keeping you down and practice tools for change.

Depression can look and feel like...

-Loss of interest and pleasure

-Low self esteem and self-criticism

-Feeling guilty and worried about the past

-Tiredness and lack of energy

-Difficulties with concentration and indecisiveness

-Problems with sleep 

-Feeling in a fog

-Lack of motivation

-Thoughts of suicide or self harm

-Distancing yourself from others

-Irritability or quick to anger

Therapy for depression can help with...

-Increased motivation

-Improved self esteem and confidence 

-Clarity in how you think, feel, and act

-Expose old patterns and explore new possibilities 

-Clearer sense of self

-Ability to identify and practice self care

-Accumulating positive experiences

-Increased ability to practice mindfulness skills

-Establish and maintain healthy boundaries

My approach for treatment of depression includes techniques from CBT, DBT, IFS, EFT, and EMDR. Click here to learn more.

There may be times where you will be assigned homework to practice outside of session, this is intended to help you gain better insight and to practice tools for change.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

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